About SEAlert Web App


SEAlert is a collaborative effort between maritime enforcement agencies aimed to facilitate three main functions of alert, report and respond, including knowledge sharing to support Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) campaign.

SEAlert provides virtual data management, analysis, and information sharing and device management to facilitate speedy assistance to the maritime community in emergency situations anywhere within the nation’s territorial waters.


Accessible via Satellite Technology


Source of Information


Reporting Platform


Less Data Usage

Main Features in SEAlert


SOS Button

User can send emergency signal and location for immediate assistance. SOS signal will be send directly to Malaysian Enforcement Agencies Operation Center.

Report Menu

User can lodge report for immediate action pertinent to all incidents at sea such as accident, damage, abduction, sea pollution, smuggle and other emergencies.

My Track

Use GPS coordinates and state -of-the-art GPS location to track the real-time position of user.

Live Chat

Live chat is designed to allow users to communicate with the authorities through real-time live chat.

Info Blast

Security, safety advisory and announcements for maritime community operating in Malaysian’s water.


List of important contact numbers of Malaysian Maritime Agencies which can be filtered by agencies and states.

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