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What is SEAlert and K3M applications?

SEAlert and K3M applications are a collaborative effort between maritime enforcement agencies aimed to facilitate three main functions of alert, report and respond, including knowledge sharing to support Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) campaign.

These applications provide virtual data management, analysis, and information sharing and device management to facilitate speedy assistance to the maritime community in emergency situations anywhere within the nation’s territorial waters.

SEAlert is a web-based application and K3M is a mobile application.

Who can use the SEAlert and K3M application?

SEAlert and K3M application can be used by those who are in these industries:

  • Fisheries
  • Tourism
  • Shipping
  • Recreation
  • Petroleum
  • Enforcement Agencies
  • Others
How do I download the SEAlert and K3M application?

SEAlert Web App

Follow the following steps to download the SEAlert web application:

  • Open the web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Then, type the URL address as follows:
  • Click Download button
  • Install directly to your computer.

K3M Mobile App
To download K3M application:

Android User:

  • Open Play Store in your mobile phone
  • Find K3M
  • Click Open button
  • Install the application

iOS User:

  • Go to App Store in your mobile phone
  • Find K3M
  • Click Open button
  • Install the application
How do I create my K3M application account?

On the login screen, click Register Account Button, enter your personal information and password of your choice. Then, click Register and your apps is ready to use.

If you forgot your login information, click on Forgot Password link to reset your password.

What are the limits of coverage for the SEAlert and K3M application?

The apps is limited to areas with internet coverage provided by telecommunication agencies only. We look forward to extending our coverage in future.

What are the agencies involved in SEAlert and K3M application?
  • Royal Malaysian Navy
  • Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Royal Malaysian Police
  • Immigration Department of Malaysia
  • Department of Fisheries Malaysia
  • Marine Department Malaysia
  • Department of Marine Park Malaysia
  • Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia
  • Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Malaysian Shipowners’ Association
How can I update K3M application to the latest version?

For Android, search for K3M in the Play Store and tap Update.
For iPhone, search for K3M in the App Store and tap Update.

Click sub-menu on the left side of the app to find out which version of the app you’re running. The version number will be displayed at the bottom of sub-menu. We encourage you to always use the latest available version of K3M. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.

Can I use all the features on the apps without log in?

For K3M mobile app, not all features are available for non-login users.

Here are the list of features that can be use without login into the apps:
i) Weather
ii) Tide tables
iii) Directory
iv) K3M Prihatin
v) Announcement and info blast

B: Here are the list of features available for login users:
i) Report
ii) SOS
iii) My Track
iv) Live Chat